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Perfomance-Cruiser AB Siam Cat 30


The New “Performance-Cruiser AB SIAM CAT 30’” Sailing catamaran Sailing catamaran is a new design that could be used on both regattas and for family cruise. Main feature of this cat is that can be easily demountable in two separate hull and deck to be shipped with a low cost standard 40 ft container worldwide or to be trailerable on road to reach cruise or race destination. Other required main feature was to have a sailing catamaran really fast and light to participate in all cruises with a solution on a transformable cockpit, that under race is “removed” (open cat) with the two side parts of the deck-cockpit could and flush to the deck, roof removed and boom lowered with a lowest point on the mast to be used with a bigger and more performance race main sail. The other cockpit configuration, to be used on normal sailing purpose like on weekends or coastal cruising can be easily obtained and the cockpit can be fast transformed in a real closed cockpit (like cruising cats) with the two large deck hatches in upper open position that become cockpit rigid sides and with a  mounted Sunbrella on aluminum frame roof and highest cruise main sail boom point on mast.Hull shape is similar to many performance sailing cat but with a lighter design displacement to make benefit on race and of the fact “on blue water use”, racing weight will be anyway 200kg less of many competitors including crew. In fact construction is in foam sandwich with a fairly robust layup in vinyl ester resin (Osmosis resistant) that will result in a weight for the boat ready to race.

The hull has a mild flair that increases the interior volume while providing reserve buoyancy forward with the deck round reducing overall windage. The design has 3 main large diameter alloy (or Carbon as option) beams that provide the basis for a stiff and strong structure. The rig is ideally the All Yacht Spars 200 Wing section or optional a Barlowing (Nick Barlow design) custom built Wind rotating mast. The cockpit rather than a sit on cockpit as on other similar small performance catamaran is with “built in” seats (even removable for freight or transport on trailer). This configuration is better for longer coastal races where the crew weight is better positioned in the cockpit in moderate to strong conditions. In lighter conditions the crew will usually find themselves moving their weight forward and to leeward.

The “Performance-Cruiser AB SIAM CAT 30’” cockpit configuration allows the sails to be trimmed from sitting in the cockpit in moderate to strong conditions or from the tramp in lighter conditions.
The interior of each hull has a largish bunk forward, which will mainly only be used at anchor. Under the cockpit is a narrow sea bunk where a crew member can escape the elements on an overnight or passage race. Access to the interior is provided by the large deck hatch that can be closed fair with the deck during race and in performance configuration. Just inside this hatch there is a seat on the outer side and a bench and stowage unit on the inner side that can have a butane stove in one hull and a nav. area in the other hull.
The 8-10hp outboard in mounted on a central lifting bracket although could be mounted on a bracket on the inner side of the hull if preferred. Inboard engines or sail-drives 9 to 12 hp Yanmar configuration are available as well.







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